High School Course Offerings

Cornerstone offers a wide range of courses to meet the varying academic needs of our high school student population.


Some students have difficulties in math and others excel. In each math class, we always have two math teachers, allowing each student to work at his/her optimal pace. Courses include Geometry, Algebra I & II, Pre-Calculus and Calculus.


English at Cornerstone comes alive. From dramatic reading to linking classic literature like Melville’s “Billy Bud” or Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” to the opera, there is nothing boring about studying English at Cornerstone.


Our students take the traditional sequence: World History, US 1 and US 2. In addition, we have offered electives in Civics, Sociology, Contemporary Issues and History through Film. 

The Sciences

Biology, chemistry and physics are all part of our science curriculum. Our virtual science lab enables students to complete safe and stimulating science experiments that meet all of the requirements necessary for district credit and/or college acceptance without the use of chemicals or sharps.

World Language

Spanish is our primary language taught at Cornerstone. For those students for whom a different language is needed, supported on-line courses are provided.

Physical Education, Health and Drivers Education

We have a certified PE/Health teacher who is responsible for teaching physical education in our gymnasium as well as teaching health and drivers education.


A key aspect of The Cornerstone Experience is our rich variety of electives, which usually includes art, music, cooking, film study, performing arts, SAT preparation, college/career explorations, the early college program and photography.

What Parents Say

We appreciate all of the concern, expertise and patience you have shown these last 18+ months to help Steve with his transition back to PS. All best wishes to you.
Cranford NJ
Cornerstone is the third therapeutic school he has attended: I know it’s his last. Here he is gaining both self-confidence and management techniques so he can move forward on a strong foundation.
Parent: Morristown,