Technology serves to enhance but never replace a quality teacher at Cornerstone. The use of technology is infused throughout the curriculum to help enhance the learning experience.

Technological Aids to Learning

Each of our high school students is issued a Chromebook for their exclusive use while enrolled at the school and our middle school students have the choice of using either a laptop or an iPad as a means to enhance their instructional experience. All of our teachers are also provided with Chromebooks and/or laptops and utilize e-readers and Smartboards in the classroom to aid in the delivery of instruction.

Virtual Science Lab

A challenge in a therapeutic day school is being able to provide college approved science labs without the use of sharps and/or chemicals. Our state-of-the-art virtual science lab enables safe and stimulating science experiments that meet all of the requirements necessary for college acceptance. Our frogs get dissected and our chemicals mixed, all with a click and a drag!

What Parents & Students Say

It’s the place that made everything else that I wanted in my life (my future) possible.
Student: Whippany, NJ
I had never heard of a “virtual science lab” but I am sure glad you have it. In the past dissection meant nightmares. Virtual experiments? No negative effects at all!
Parent, Long valley, NJ