A key element of the Cornerstone Experience is our Enrichment Program, which is a multi-faceted approach that ensures that each student can find his/her niche, one that is not only fun and enriching, but also one that allows the development of meaningful integration within the student body. The range of activities has been designed to meet a wide spectrum of interests, regardless of the students’ talents, prior experiences and backgrounds.

Creative Arts

Our walls are filled with the results of the creative arts activities that take place in our large and well-equipped Art Studio. Students learn a wide array of visual arts, including drawing, painting, two and three dimensional printmaking, ceramics, furniture design, pottery, and sculpture. In addition, the musical and acting talents of our students are nurtured through our performance arts elective and regularly scheduled talent shows. Students in the yearbook/photography elective are able to develop both artistic vision and technical skills. Cornerstone has also developed a special relationship with both The Metropolitan Opera and The New Jersey Ballet. Students attend dress rehearsals for both companies and have access to backstage tours.

School Trips

We have created a very special program of school trips that expose Cornerstone students to a wide variety of educational, cultural and “just plain fun” experiences. Trips during the school year typically include journeys to The Museum of Modern Art, workshops at the Museum of Art and Design, deep sea fishing, a glass blowing factory, The Metropolitan Opera, NJ Ballet, Turtle Back Zoo, King Tut Exhibit, The Hayden Planetarium, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, snow tubing, and the Elizabeth Food Bank.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities play a big part in a student’s life at Cornerstone. Family art nights, field days, Halloween and other holiday parties, fall and spring dances, junior and senior prom, students’ sports nights and playing on, or rooting for, our traveling basketball or softball teams are just some of the school’s many extra-curricular activities.


We offer many opportunities for students to participate on our sports teams. We all know the advantages of being on a team in terms of a student’s self-esteem, developing connections with other students and an overall feeling of being a “regular kid.” Many of our students participate in at least one of the team sports we offer. All of the teams are co-ed and the focus is on team spirit, and having fun! We offer softball (a couple of years ago we won our league championship!) basketball, soccer and volleyball.

What Parents Say

My son going to the opera? You have got to be kidding!  What is really surprising is that he loved it!  Thanks so much.
Parent, Cedar Grove, NJ
What could be better for dinner than fresh caught fish – and our son caught it! It has been two weeks now and he still has not stopped talking about the deep sea fishing trip. My fear was that his going to a therapeutic school would stigmatize him among his public school friends. It has done the opposite – at times they are jealous of him! I cannot thank our district enough for convincing us to send him to Cornerstone.
Parent, Paramus NJ