The Cornerstone Experience

What makes Cornerstone so special? Quite simply, it is “The Cornerstone Experience”. One of the biggest disappointments when searching for an alternative school is a feeling that one must sacrifice academics or clinical treatment because therapeutic schools typically favor one at the expense of the other. We have created the Cornerstone Experience so that students and their parents do not have to make these sacrifices.

We provide each student with an outstanding academic, school and treatment experience. 
However, the Cornerstone Experience does not only begins here. Above all, Cornerstone looks and feels like a real school with all of the activities, events and opportunities that define traditional school life. When you walk in our hallways, it looks, feels and sounds like a regular school. Our virtual science laboratory, auditorium/gymnasium, creative arts center, lockers and even school bells are all designed to communicate to students that they are in a school and not a psychiatric setting. The message is not just communicated by our interior spaces but by our full complement of electives, dynamic creative arts program, numerous extra-curricular activities and exciting field trips.

The Cornerstone Experience conveys the message that we know is so important to our students: they are in a unique school that fully addresses their academic, clinical and social needs, and most of all, one in which they can take great pride.

What Parents Say

CDS has really helped my son achieve his potential. The help they provide has truly exceeded any expectation I have had.
Parent: Bergen County, NJ
After being in partial programs twice and then being on home instruction, finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I only wish we had found Cornerstone for our son a couple of years ago.
Parent: Middlesex County, NJ