Our New Home

Cornerstone is moving! Construction has begun and we expect to be at our new school in Cranford, just off the Garden State Parkway, by early summer. We are very excited about this new facility because it will provide so many new opportunities to enhance and expand the Cornerstone Experience for our students.

The demand for Cornerstone continues to grow and our new building will provide greater capacity for students in grades 5-12. The school has been meticulously designed to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our students while maintaining the intimacy and warmth that they need and deserve. We have included here artist renderings of some of the best features of our new facility.

We can’t wait to be there!

School Avoidance Suite

Cornerstone Day School - School Avoidance Suite

This school-within-the-school will be adjacent to, but part of, the main facility. With an intimate learning setting, counseling office and lounge, the suite and program will be the ideal vehicle to help students return to a school environment with the goal of slowly transitioning to the general milieu.

Art Studio

Our new art studio will delight the experienced student artist and spark great interest in others. With a potter’s wheel, kiln, printing press, 3-D printers, acrylics and oils, brushes and pens and countless other art media, our art program provides an important platform for experiential creativity and self-expression.

HS Science Classroom

Cornerstone Day School - HS Science Classroom

Our state-of-the-art virtual technology science lab will provide our students with experiences that are essential to learning the scientific process. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our students. Research, exploration and inquiry will be safely taught in our approved science lab.

Middle School and High School Entrances

Cornerstone Day School - middle school and high school entrances

Middle school and high school students will benefit from defined sections of the building, each with its own entrance, classrooms, lounge and cafeteria. Independent areas ensure an intimate school experience, facilitating grade and age appropriate development, particularly among our younger students.


Cornerstone Day School - Gymnatorium

This dynamic gymnasium will support our well-rounded sports program and trophy-winning teams. The state-of-the-art weight room will offer interested students a great challenge and our expansive stage will showcase talent shows, CDS Choral Group and many other productions.

Music Studio

Cornerstone Day School - Music Studio

Our new music studio will offer individual and group lessons for students with abilities ranging from beginner to advanced. The room will have keyboard, guitar, percussion and woodwind instruments and be the thome of the CDS Choral Group, theater productions and general music electives.

Classroom Learning

Cornerstone Day School - classroom learning

Each classroom will offer an intimate and state-of-the-art instructional setting. Cornerstone integrates technology, small class size and quality teacher-to-student and student-to-student instruction allowing for the best possible student-centered learning.

Student Lounges

Cornerstone students come from many regions throughout the state. Having time to socialize and connect to peers in a relaxed setting is an important element for pre-teen and teen development. Our middle school and high school student lounges will provide structured opportunities for necessary and rewarding social interactions.

Great Outdoors

Cornerstone Day School picnic area

The outdoor picnic and field/play area will add so much the Cornerstone Experience. This will encourage students to be physically active, compete in intramural sports, socialize with one another and just have fun.