Therapeutic Regimen

  • Daily insight-oriented process group (HS 60 minutes, MS 40 minutes)
  • Daily HS and MS 40-minute skills-oriented psycho-educational DBT informed group
  • Daily MS 30-minute therapeutic art group
  • Individual 40-minute therapy on a weekly or more frequent basis, if requested/needed

Both HS and MS students also receive:

  • Weekly 55-minute family therapy
  • Monthly Parent Psycho-education and Support Group
  • Regularly scheduled sessions on an individualized basis with a Cornerstone board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist
  • 24/7 hotline monitored by a Cornerstone clinician

What Parents Say

There is no other school in NJ with the nurturing climate, supportive staff, and all-around positive regard for students (holistically) as Cornerstone Day School.
Parent, Clark, NJ
The quality and the personal treatment that we get in particular from the clinicians, but also from the psychiatrist is what make CDS so unique and special.
Parent, Harding Township, NJ