Cornerstone Day School

Cornerstone Day School is a private therapeutic school for students in grades 5-12 with major emotional and psychiatric challenges. Since its founding in 2006, Cornerstone has created a unique setting for these students and has built a reputation for clinical and academic excellence.

At the heart of what makes Cornerstone so unique is “The Cornerstone Experience”. One of the biggest disappointments when searching for an alternative school is that one frequently must sacrifice academics or clinical treatment because therapeutic schools typically favor one at the expense of the other, and regardless, don’t offer the activities and electives that add so much to school life and a student’s self-esteem. We have created the Cornerstone Experience so these compromises do not have to be made. We provide each student with an outstanding academic, school and treatment experience. Above all, Cornerstone looks and feels like a “regular” school with all of the activities, electives, outdoor picnic and play areas, school events, sports teams and field trips that define traditional school life coupled with outstanding academics and state of the art psychiatric treatment.

We, however, measure our success not by providing students with a rewarding and satisfying school experience but by preparing each student for life after Cornerstone. We only consider Cornerstone a success when students leave with all of the skills and tools necessary to be independent, flourish and achieve everything to which they and their parents aspire.

Cornerstone Day School is accredited by the Middle States Association (MSA), the Advanced Education Association (AdvancedED) and the National Independent Private School Association (NIPSA). It is also the only therapeutic school in all of New Jersey that is licensed by the State Division of Mental Health to provide treatment, offering  parents and school districts a unique level of confidence in the quality of care delivered to students.