Success is not measured by how well a student does while at Cornerstone,but rather by how well we have prepared each student for life after Cornerstone. We only consider Cornerstone a success when students leave with the skills necessary to be independent, flourish and achieve everything to which they and their parents aspire.

From the first day, under the guidance of our Transition Coordinator, we begin preparing each student for life after Cornerstone. Most students who enter before their junior year return to their home district. Once a student has met the criteria for transition, he/she enters a specialized a three-month transition program where students daily attend both Cornerstone and their public school. They are closely guided through a cooperative relationship between the sending district and our staff.

Seniors at Cornerstone who plan on attending college, frequently participate in our “early college” program by taking courses at a local community college during the regular school day. They receive college credit and begin to experience the demands that college will bring, while at the same time having the ability to address these stressors in therapy. For those seniors who plan to enter the work force, our focus is on work-study to help them develop the skills necessary to obtain and hold a job.

Prior to leaving Cornerstone, the student is “launched” with a farewell party, which tends to have both happy and sad moments, acknowledging their success at Cornerstone and saying goodbye to cherished friends and staff.

What Parents Say

We were fortunate that we found CDS for our son. He attended for just over a year and then was transitioned back to our district HS.
Parent: Paramus NJ
When our son transitioned back to PS everyone was amazed at how ready he was to return, both emotionally and academically.
Parent: West Orange, NJ