If you feel that Cornerstone might be an appropriate placement for a child with  psychiatric or emotional problems, contact Jennifer Hayes, our Clinical Director, at 908-543-0220 to learn more about our school and/or schedule an initial visit.

Who is appropriate?

Cornerstone accepts students with significant psychiatric and emotional problems who cannot function within a public school setting.

Who is not?

Students who have a have a primary diagnosis of oppositional defiant or conduct disorder, an active alcohol/drug abuse diagnosis or who are dangerous to others in any way are not appropriate.

Tuition and the cost?

For nearly all students, tuition and transportation are paid by the school district, which is authorized through a section of the NJ educational law called the Naples Act (NJ18A:46-14).

Placements under the Naples Act have been used throughout New Jersey to fund students’ education since 1989 and are commonplace and done every year by many districts in the State.

Since Cornerstone opened in 2006, over 100 school districts in New Jersey have placed students through the use of the Naples Act.


What Parents Say

We explored many options to help our son both emotionally and academically. We were most fortunate to find the Cornerstone Day School after an exhaustive search of the alternatives.
Parent: Glen Ridge, NJ
Twice in partial programs, and then on home instruction: finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I only wish we had found Cornerstone for our son a couple of years ago.
Parent: Montclair, NJ