School Avoidance

Approximately 20% of all students referred to Cornerstone have a significant school avoidance problem. We have developed a specialized clinical protocol for these students that has proven to be highly successful; after a three to six month period the attendance for this group increases by approximately 300% when compared to their attendance in their home school district. When a school avoidant student is enrolled at Cornerstone, he/she is assigned to a member of our school avoidance team. After the initial clinical evaluation, which includes a specialized school avoidance assessment completed by both parent and student, treatment typically includes proactive outreach activities such as nightly phone calls and home visits, complemented by intensive family work focusing on helping the student leave home and feel comfortable in our intimate school environment. Every day, our protocols help students overcome their anxiety, thrive at Cornerstone and, ultimately, successfully transition back to district, college or work.

What Parents Say

Dear Friends: Cornerstone has been a lifesaver for our family. We have seen our daughter grow from a suffering child with extreme anxiety about attending any school, to happily boarding a bus for the hour long drive to Cornerstone. And in the afternoon, after that same hour long drive and a busy day at school, we have been thrilled to see that she gets off the bus happy and ready to tackle her homework.
Parent, Chester NJ
A huge thank you to all of you for all your hard work helping my son get better and transition to High School. We feel extraordinarily fortunate and truly know that Cornerstone helped him to survive and move on to be the best he can be (Of course the journey will continue!).  We appreciate all of the concern, expertise and patience you have shown these last 18+ months. All best wishes to you.
Parent, Cranford NJ