Comprehensive Therapeutic Services

Cornerstone Day School provides all of the clinical services necessary to insure that students can fully resolve their emotional and psychiatric problems so that they can advance academically and be fully prepared to leave Cornerstone, whether it is to return to public school, enter college or begin working.

Clinical Program

Our clinical regimen is always tailored to each student’s individual needs. The core clinical program begins with twice-daily group therapy, one group that is insight-oriented and one that is a DBT-informed psycho-educational  group.

There is also weekly individual and family therapy that further help students crystalize their understanding of their challenges and conflicts and how best to resolve them. Individual therapy can occur more frequently, as much as daily, if needed. Family therapy sessions can be scheduled in the evening hours. Parents are also invited to attend a full day “Parent Retreat” shortly after their child is enrolled, as well as a monthly Parent Support Group.

Students attend regular sessions with a board-certified child and adolescent staff psychiatrist, the frequency of which varies with the needs of each student. Our psychiatrists are at the school on a daily basis, insuring that urgent  psychiatric sessions can be provided immediately.

We have our own 24-hour 7-day a week hotline to support our students and parents.

Clinical Staff

All of our clinical staff are highly experienced licensed mental health professionals with an extensive background in the treatment of children and adolescents. In order to provide the highest level of quality care possible for each student, our clinicians generally carry a caseload of nine or fewer students.


Our clinical services are licensed by the NJ Department of Health and Human Services. This insures that our services are independently evaluated and monitored by the state of New Jersey, providing parents and school districts an extra level of confidence concerning our mental health services. Cornerstone is the only therapeutic school in New Jersey which holds such a license.

What Parents Say

Cornerstone worked with the whole family as a unit, and addressed many issues which helped us all. We feel that Cornerstone gave our daughter the tools that she needed to move on in her life. Parent, Highland Park, NJ
The teachers were warm and caring and quickly learned that our son needed to hear and process information differently. They are really tuned in to him and his style of learning.
Parent, Whippany, NJ